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We at Spinners love to cruise, the busy city, the sunny beach or the twists and turns of our next destination, as long as we’re on our decks together, life is good. Cruising allows us to relax, kick back and be ourselves, completely free every push of the way. It’s the freedom that attracts us to our decks, no matter what age or lifestyle you lead, you can always pick up your deck and go for a cruise.

Our decks are a combination of ideas that were running through our minds, they are the real life reproductions of what we dreamed about for so long. Our work at Spinners is about a demanding level of attention to every single detail. Whilst designing our decks we were immensely inspired by the free loving beginnings of surf and skate, which we wanted to incorporate into our urban surroundings. We have formed these decks just like we always envisioned.

Spinners is about freedom, it’s about being with friends, it’s about feeling the road. We ride our decks to work, cruise with friends after work, and as long as we’ve got some lights on us, cruise till they go out.

Here at Spinners we choose the highest quality materials for our decks. We do not compromise. From our handmade decks where our hardwood is carefully selected, to our longboards which have been precisely designed, we take great pride in our decks, so when you step on one you know you’re riding something special.

Roll in style, cruise your way!
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