just naughty

This is the rascal of the Spinners handmade lineup. Just looking at it makes you want to pick it up and take to the streets hard and fast. This deck has attitude, it'll leave your heart racing, and probably not only yours.

Each Spinners handmade deck is part of a traditional manufacturing process, using only the highest quality materials, shaped from 100% hardwood, carved one by one to guarantee quality control. Each deck is handmade by us from start to finish in Europe.

Spinners handmade decks have been varnished three times for the highest level of protection. On top of each deck grip has been applied for ideal traction, whilst leaving the natural structure of the wood or paint visible.


one piece of solid oak
length: 27" (61 cm)
width: 7.3" (18.7 cm)
wheelbase: 14.1" (36 cm)

Complete deck includes:
Wheels: Dr. Spin "The Pill" 65 mm 78a cruiser wheels
Trucks: Caliber Fifty Trucks 160 mm (Blood Orange 89a bushings)

For the smoothest ride on every complete deck we at Spinners include: abec-7 bearings, bearing spacers, speed rings and soft riser pads.

Deck options: deck only (colour or natural), complete deck (colour of natural).

*Every deck starts as raw timber and is shaped and finished by hand. Each deck is unique and no two will be exactly alike. Due to natural variations in the texture of the wood used, the finished deck you will receive will not be the exact reproduction of what you see pictured. Varnish, stain and paint will absorb into the decks differently and are common occurrences when working with wood, therefore should not be considered as a defect.

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