longboard and cruiser skateboard maintenance

A few words to keep your Spinners longboard or cruiser running smoothly and looking great!

  • Do not ride your deck in the rain, even though the wood is protected water can potentially damage the finish, as well as weakening the materials it's made from causing it to crack and break.
  • The bearings don't like getting wet, this can cause rust which will really slow you down. If the bearings do get wet, remove them and dry them as well as you can. Lubricate lightly afterwards, too much lubrication will attract dirt.
  • Do not leave your deck in the sun all day, as with every item, the colour could fade and become unattractive. The sun can also cause the deck to become brittle and snap, it's best to leave it in the shade when not used.
  • Do not remove the grip, this could damage the finish.
  • If you want the deck to be more/less sensitive, adjust the kingpin nut (the largest bolt on the deck) on each of the trucks. Screw in for less sensitivity (slower turning), screw out for more sensitivity (faster turning)
  • Make sure that all your nuts and bolts are securely tightened before riding your Spinners deck.
  • Make sure your bearings are well lubricated, the less friction the better and smoother the ride. Do not over-lubricate.
  • For our handmade lineup, if the finish on your deck becomes scratched in anyway, you can lightly sand the area with a piece of 200 grade sandpaper and re-varnish the area using a water based wood varnish with a brush or roller. This will help continue to protect the wood your Spinners handmade is carved from.
  • Spinners handmade decks are carved from oak or walnut. This is a hardwood, however, sharp rocks and rough surfaces will scratch, chip and dent the hardwood finish, this is normal. Much like you would scratch and dent a wooden chair, laptop or iPhone if thrown around, the hardwood deck will also be prone to damage.
  • Spinners handmade decks are not made for tricks, they are decks designed for cruising.
  • Spinners longboards are not designed for tricks, they are not skateboards. Too much stress in the middle of the deck can cause it to break in half. Please ride sensibly!
  • If lock nuts become loose, replace them straight away.
  • Check the deck and all components before every ride.
  • Check for splinters and splits in on the deck. If needed sand down and varnish.
  • Wheels will wear after time depending on riding style, replace when needed for a smooth, safe ride.
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