longboard and cruiser skateboard safety

A few words to keep you safe out there! Please read!

  • Roll with traffic if you can, indicate your turns, and stop at every stop sign and stop light, just as if you were riding a bike. This will save your ass.
  • Roll in groups if possible, it increases visibility and assistance if someone falls. Do not interfere with the traffic while in the group, this is dangerous!
  • Most drivers aren’t as used to looking for longboarders as they are for motorcyclists and pedestrians, therefore keep aware or people opening their car doors, making sharp u-turns, turning without signals and other unaware drivers our there, It’s hard to keep track of them all, have eyes in the back of your head.
  • Stay as far away as possible from the curb to avoid any sunken manholes, loose pavement slabs or debris along the way, these will cause quite a nasty crash. Believe it or not, a skaters worst enemy is a very tiny pebble or stick, this will stop us in our tracks like a brick wall, steer clear of them.
  • If you’re a beginner looking to improve your longboarding skills, roll in open spaces without any traffic or busy streets to practice looking cool, turning and stopping. Less traffic means safer rolling.
  • Always wear protective gear while longboarding such a helmet, gloves, wrist guards, and knee pads to ensure maximum safety during longboarding or skating. It’s better to stay safe than sorry, that's what my parents keep repeating.
  • Wear a good pair of flat shoes like Vans or Converse and make sure they are tied properly! Laces getting caught in your wheels will be great for Youtube, but much worse for you. Tie those laces!
  • Always maintain a speed that you can control, DO NOT ride like a maniac and stay in your lane all the time! 
  • Remember, you’re not the only one on the road so you’re not only responsible for your own safety but for others too! Think about others!
  • If you really have to ride the sidewalk, remember pedestrians have right of way! Do not scare people, give them lots of space to walk and be careful of cars and people exiting shops or gates. Learn how to stop yourself and the deck in case of an emergency!
  • Don’t ever listen to your headphones whilst longboarding or skating, especially if you’re riding in traffic. Headphones are great to cruise to but they majorly restrict your ability to sense what’s going on around you. You must always be aware of your surroundings.
  • DO NOT text, call, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, shop on Amazon, film, Facetime, or do anything else with your phone that will distract you from rolling. It's dangerous, don't do it!
  • DO NOT ride and drink or do drugs! Drugs are bad. Do not roll under the influence! Not only is it illegal to roll under the influence, but it also affects your senses like loss of balance, impaired vision, decision-making, and more. It’s not safe, it's not cool and it can land you in a world of hurt.
  • Don’t be loco and roll down dangerously steep hills, even though they look totally awesome in Instagram and Youtube videos, they are very dangerous for longboarders. If you don't know how to slide/drift to slow yourself down like a pro, then don't attempt it. It's almost impossible to control your speed, not to mention hitting oncoming traffic, metal railings, and anything else that will do you damage!
  • Don’t grab moving vehicles to hitch a ride, Marty made it look pretty awesome in Back to the Future, but it's illegal and totally unsafe to roll alongside a car. Don't do it.
  • Don’t leave your gear, especially your longboard unattended. Just like bikes, longboards are a potential target for thieves so keep a close eye on your longboarding gear.
  • Don’t ride in the rain because your wheels/bearings hate getting wet, and your deck doesn't appreciate it either. The deck gets slippery if your shoes are wet, the wheels get slippery if the street is wet, it'll be one painful disaster, so wait for the sun to come out to dry the streets, then go roll.
  • Don’t roll at night without lights and high visibility clothing on! You may see the vehicles but it's quite possible they don't see you, so make sure you are seen!! Make sure you can see where you're going too!!
  • Be sensible while on the road! Obey traffic rules, they apply to you as well if you're rolling on the streets! Don't show off in front of your friends, it could end badly. Car vs longboard/skateboard = car wins. Be careful our there !
  • Always wear a helmet before you hit the streets with your deck. Watching Youtube or Instagram you must have seen many pro longboarders or skaters doing wild things on their decks, and I'm sure you noticed they all wear helmets whilst doing these wild things. This is common sense, wear one at all times. There are many cool helmets out there that look amazing, you don't have to look bad in one!

Remember that you’re not invincible. Everyone is prone to cuts, injuries, broken bones, and head injuries, and you’re no exception! You must be aware of your limits and listen to your common sense, be smart and enjoy this fantastic sport to the fullest. 

After reading all that, remember, longboarding is an AWESOME sport, have fun, cruise, roll, drift, dance, be free, but be safe!

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