the pintail

This is our pintail deck. It's a classic. It rolls the streets with a comfortable camber delivering some great flex, dipping and turning into corners with ease. This deck is perfect for cruising and carving the neighbourhood streets or surfing along the beach. It has generous wheel flares to keep you safe when rolling, whilst the sand grip will keep you firmly attached to the deck.

Fashioning a lot of natural maple wood, this paint job is in the shape of a sail on top, continuing underneath with a simple stripe, this deck looks amazing and rides even better. The top has sand grip applied, allowing the sail design to shine through.

This deck is part of a traditional manufacturing process, using only the highest quality materials. Shaped from 100% hard rock maple, straight from the Great Lakes of Wisconsin, pressed one by one to guarantee quality control. The wood this longboard is made from comes from areas under a forest conservation law, aiming to save, preserve and regenerate the biodiversity of nature.


7 plies USA hard rock maple
length: 40" (101.6 cm)
width: 9.5" (24.13 cm)
wheelbase: 30.4" (77.2 cm)
nose: 3.144" (7.98 cm)
tail: 4.409" (11.19 cm)
concave: mild radial concave camber

Complete deck includes:
Wheels: Dr. Spin "The Pill" 65 mm 78a longboard wheels
Trucks: Caliber Fifty Trucks 184 mm (Blood Orange 89a bushings)

For the smoothest ride on every complete deck we at Spinners include: abec-7 bearings, bearing spacers, speed rings and soft riser pads.

Deck options: deck only, complete deck.

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