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Dr. Spin "Black Matter" 70 mm

zł150.00 PLN

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Dr. Spin “Dark Matter” 70 mm wheels are intended for maximum performance freeriding. The high rebound formula Dr. Spin uses in this ridiculously fast and smooth, injection molded wheel will leave you feeling like you can predict every corner. The offset bearing seat matched with a wide and stable contact patch, stiff tightly rounded edges makes this freeride wheel the ideal solution for any serious longboard rider. Dr. Spin “Dark Matter” has a smooth stoneground contact patch for the pro players out there, which assures awesome thane drifts from day one, allowing you to slide that deck like it was on ice, but control it like it was riding on rails.

Someplace between a ghostly fast race wheel and a drifty freeride wheel, "Dark Matter" is not for the faint-hearted. Get ready for great roll and grip, breathtaking slides and the longest life possible. Smooth enough for cruising the sidewalks, yet hard enough to blast down any hill, this is the perfect all round wheel, sliding, dancing, cruising or just rolling. You’ll love this wheel!

Dr. Spin recommends you ride these once a day!

  • size: 70 mm x 50 mm
  • contact: 46 mm
  • durometer: 80a
  • offset: 3 mm
  • formula SHRAA

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