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Dr. Spin "The Pill" 65 mm

zł140.00 PLN

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Dr. Spin “The Pill” 65 mm wheels are designed for rolling in style. The high rebound formula Dr. Spin uses in these superbly smooth and chic, injection molded wheels will have you controlling every turn you take with no effort. The centerset bearing seat combined with the deep valley core placement will keep that wheel stiff whilst you skate the streets or drift those hills. Spectacularly rounded lips make this wheel the ideal solution for any longboard or cruiser rider looking for a wheel with accurate control and comfort. Dr. Spin “The Pill” has a smooth and grippy contact patch for hugging the corners you carve into, however, when broken in you can happily drift this energetic wheel with pure precision.

Dr. Spin “The Pill” is a fast little wheel, it’ll pop in and out of those sidewalks with razor sharp predictability, flawless for technical freeriding. This is an amazing all round wheel, with its size it’s unbelievably quick to take off, as well as devilishly fast when it gets rolling. You’ll love this wheel!

Dr. Spin recommends you ride these once a day!

  • size: 65 mm x 44 mm
  • contact: 35 mm
  • durometer: 78a
  • centerset
  • formula SHRAA

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