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ridiculously fast

Like it's name states, it's fast. The Rocket looks phenomenal and rides like a dream. It's shape is inspired by the wilder of surfboard shapes. It's great at cruising the tight city streets and will create a lot of attention for itself as it looks irresistible.

Deck options: deck only (colour or natural), complete deck (colour of natural).

one piece of solid oak
length: 25.6" (65 cm)
width: 7.8" (20 cm)
wheelbase: 14.9" (38 cm)
maximum rider weight: 100 kgs (220 lbs)

Complete deck includes:
Wheels: Dr. Spin "The Pill" 65 mm 78a cruiser wheels
Trucks: Caliber Fifty Trucks 160 mm (Blood Orange 89a bushings)

For the smoothest ride on every complete deck we at Spinners include: clear gripped top, abec-7 bearings, bearing spacers, speed rings and soft riser pads.

For more info and photos of this deck click here

• If you want to pick up your deck in person please contact us.
• You can also pay by wire transfer.

Our bank account: ING Bank Śląski 15 1050 1461 1000 0090 8014 8316, Spinners Sp. z o.o. Al. Tadeusza Kościuszki 59/61, lok. 701, 90-514 Łódź Poland

In the title of the transfer write the type of deck and your name. Then send us an email with details of your order and your address.

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Sama deska - naturalna 500,00 zł
Sama deska - kolor 550,00 zł
Deska w komplecie - naturalna 750,00 zł
Deska w komplecie - kolor  800,00 zł

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