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This longboard has been designed with your journey in mind.

The highest quality materials, technology and style are combined together to craft the ultimate in riding experience.

The wood this longboard is shaped from comes from areas under a forest conservation law, aiming to save, preserve and regenerate the biodiversity of nature.


7 plies USA hard rock maple
length: 30.326" (77 cm)
width: 9" (22.8 cm)
wheelbase: 21.3" (59 cm)
nose: 1.797" (4.56 cm)
tail: 5.059" (12.84 cm)

Complete deck includes:
Wheels: Dr. Spin "The Pill" 65 mm 78a cruiser wheels
Trucks: Caliber Fifty Trucks 160 mm (Blood Orange 89a bushings)

For the smoothest ride on every complete deck we at Spinners include: clear gripped top, abec-7 bearings, bearing spacers, speed rings and soft riser pads.

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Ceny w złotych polskich: 
Sam blat - 450,00 zł
Deska w komplecie (z kołami i truckami) - 700,00 zł

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